Our Testimonials

“I am very grateful for the advice over the last 12 months from Resolve Dental Management Solutions. As you will remember we were growing rapidly, but I was having trouble with our procedures, policies and staff management. Being new to Practice ownership I needed some experienced advice and guidance.

I found your advice in Practice organisation, staff management, training and recruiting our PM invaluable. It certainly set us in the right direction.”

Dr Ash Patel

“Sharon Robertson can be described in three simple words. Professional. Ethical. Excellent. She genuinely cares about both your personal and business success as she sees your success a reflection of her commitment to you. Her positive attitude invigorates you and your business to propel you to strive for the best in patient care. She has an immense wealth of knowledge in human resources, finances and budget analysis, marketing and business processes specifically relevant to our complex dental industry. She has the resources to help you navigate through the myriad of challenges facing dentists, practice managers and every type of support staff imaginable.”

Dr Rahul Reddy

"Resolve Dental Management works within our surgeries providing training and management services to up skill our front line staff. Sharon Robertson’s familiarity with the dental industry and multi-surgery managerial experience translates into tried and tested practical skills that will enhance your staff performance and can be adapted to any dental surgery. Her positive, enthusiastic personality compliments this as team members remain receptive to her training style and your staff have the added benefit of a more intimate training environment.

Resolve Dental Management aims to create a strong financial picture of your surgery, developing optimistic goals and improving surgery efficiencies. Sharon encourages key members of your team to take an active role in day-to-day practice outcomes leading to increased productivity and reduced expenditure. Sharon's systems are further complimented by the Resolve Dental Solutions manual which is a comprehensive source of key managerial D-I-Y templates, policies & procedures that are easily adapted in any dental surgery environment."

Dr Caesia Burger and Steve Tallis

“From our very first meeting, I connected with Sharon immediately. Due to her comprehensive dental background and experience as a former practice manager, she identified my exact needs and wants. Over the next 12 months, Sharon would come into the surgery regularly, coaching, mentoring and encouraging my new manager. She placed financial targets and taught my manager how to budget. It has been 18 months now. The surgery, under the management of our practice manager has grown from strength to strength and is now a lot more regulated and orderly. Finally, I can now concentrate a lot more on my dentistry rather than being bogged down on paper work.

All this would not have happened if it wasn't for Sharon. I encourage all dentists who are looking to decrease their management role in the practice, or who on the other hand are just building a new practice to contact Sharon immediately. You will not regret it!"

Dr Johann Yap

"I have known Sharon now for several years and she has always gone above and beyond in my expectations to help and advise me when I have needed her. With her help and knowledge I have implemented Monthly Management Systems in place that are user friendly and easy to read. Her Dental Practice Manual is a vital tool for my Practice Manager as it addresses all issues with running a busy Business, including Human Resources, Financials and Customer Service.

Sharon has been a true professional, and I would highly recommend her to all of my colleagues".

Dr Kate Morlet-Brown

“I have been using Sharon from Resolve Dental Management Solutions for over 1 year now. What I like about Sharon is her enthusiasm, passion and drive to make our dental clinic stand out from the crowd. We have been working on all aspects of the business and are now seeing great results. Higher production, Less stress, happy staff and above all we have a vision and a goal for the future."

Dan Kwiatkowski, Business Manager

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